Offers & Prices

Our Products can be proposed as a single payment, mostly for technical Apps for which we do not foresee any new releases.

They as well can be proposed as an annual license. Typically, these Apps will evolve along the years and will see further releases and versions, with new and improved features.

We strongly recommend our Customers to contact belasis®, would you decide to implement the Advanced Audit Management application. It is a very rich application that will benefit from some implementation consulting services, so it delivers all its value to your business.

belasis® provides a technical support to its customers, from 8am to 5pm BST (British Standard Time). We are working at extending this time range by the end on 2020.

How It Works (soon...)

01. log yourself in the

This is the Servicenow® applications Store, where more that 500 Apps are available, either from Servicenow® of from certified Partners.

02. Search for belasis® Apps

in the search field, enter"Belasis" and hit the "Return" key

03. Review all the belasis® Applications available in the Sore

Make sure you check the compatibility with your running version of the Servicenow® Platform.

04. Click on the "Request App" button

You will directly get access to the download of the Plugin to your target Servicenow® instance.

05. Some Apps will not immediately download but will require you to contact belasis®

From the Store, we will receive your request and contact you back. Some apps are more complex (i.e.: Advanced Audit Management) and will require support / advisory / implementation services.

How much does it cost?

Each Product has its own procing range, based on an annual licence contribution, giving you access to new versions / releases, or a once for all price.  We could discuss bundles on a case per case basis.

IRM/GRC Segregation of Data

Annual License

£ 7,999 p.a.

$ 9.999 p.a.

€ 8,999 p.a.

IRM/GRC Relationships Synchronisator

Annual License

£ 7,999 p.a.

$ 9,999 p.a.

€ 8,999 p.a.

Regulatory Content Providers Integration

Annual License

£ 10,999 p.a.

$ 12.999 p.a.

€ 11,999 p.a.

Advanced Audit Management

Annual License

£ 39,999 p.a.

$ 29,999 p.a.

€ 34,999 p.a.