Eric Le Martret

I served as ServiceNow’s IRM/GRC Risk Practice lead in EMEA. I joined ServiceNow during the Summer 2015 to take this responsibility and rapidly growing the pipeline and closing key deals. I contributed to most of the IRM/GRC implementations in the UK, France, Benelux and Nordic countries since 2016. I have been able to see how powerful the ServiceNow IRM/GRC solution can be, but as well ow frustrating it can become if not implemented properly.

I bring a total of 35+ years of experience in Risk, Compliance, Audit and Security Management, mostly as a practitioner. Prior to joining ServiceNow, I worked in different positions for KPMG, BG Group, T-Systems or Capgemini, as CRO, CISO or head of GRC, and for RM Partners or ADIS as CEO.

I am a former member of the Institute of Risk Management and certified to ISO 31000. I am a certified ServiceNow Risk & Compliance Implementer. I am a certified SCRUM Master. I hold an MBA (Finance) from AUDENCIA (France).

Eric Le Martret

Chief Executive Officer

Thrilled to contribute to the Servicenow® eco-system with a lot of brand new capabilities to make IRM/GRC and SecOps customers' life easier and to bring them a lot of Business value.